lørdag den 21. februar 2015


more foggy environment... 
Yea I think February has definitely had an effect on my creative brain.

(based on a photo I stumbled upon)

fredag den 20. februar 2015

torsdag den 19. februar 2015

The Astounding Brocolli Boy

Final cover art for the new Frank Cottrell Boyce book
"The Astounding Broccoli Boy"
- to be released on September 15th 2015 - 
Published by Harper Collins.

I had an earlier version of the cover - with the boy and shadow on a yellow background (my personal favourite). But turned out really cute on the blue!

here are an earlier version + a very early sketch:

torsdag den 15. januar 2015

Song of the Sea - Oscar Nominated!!!


Song of the Sea is nominated for Best Animated Feature!
And LOOK at the awesome company it is in!

Could not be more proud to have worked on this.
HUGE congratulations to the entire team of Cartoon Saloon and all the co-producers.

You did it again, Tomm!!


We're also excited to be attending the Annie Awards at the end of January. 
Among other great nominations, we got "Outstanding Achievement for Character Design in an Animated Feature Production".

See you there?