fredag den 19. december 2014


I am going to Sweden for the christmas holidays - and
what better way to get into spirit than doing a little illustration.
Trees, rocks, moss and fog.

søndag den 14. december 2014


Kráka is a queen in Nordic mythology.
Story goes - the king Ragnar was intrigued by her, and wanted to test her wits.
He commanded her to arrive neither dressed nor undressed, neither hungry nor full and neither alone nor in company. Kráka arrived dressed in a fishing-net, biting an onion and with only a dog as a companion.

onsdag den 1. oktober 2014

Animation Art Auction - Dublin

For this year's Animation Art exhibition and auction in Dublin -
I am submitting a print of this guy.
20x29cm in black frame.

Exhibition and auction takes place in the Temple Bar Gallery on the weekend of the 17th of October!!
So anyone who finds themselves nearby that weekend - get yerrselfs in there and
take part in a very worthy bidding war for your favourite piece!

All proceeds go to the Jack and Jill Foundation and the ISPCC.

tirsdag den 26. august 2014

Freyja in 3D

I was paid the honour of
having my original Freyja design
sculpted by the brilliant
Morten Lassen.

He was allowed a portion of
creative freedom. 
The result is cool!

Please visit his site for more photos

søndag den 27. juli 2014

gearing up!

Gearing up for a new CoLab
with my very talented friend --- animator Sandra N. Andersen

Verily, thou hast felt it.

*Fanart for Nintendo LOZ